A) YogaPipe is very strong and flexible. Most sizes can safely be bent by hand to a minimum radius of approximately 5 times the pipes’ diameter. With a lot of effort the pipe can be kinked, although it is difficult to do so.

A) YogaPipe is made of PERT-AL-PERT. This is a composite material designed specifically for air conditioning and refrigeration applications that uses high-tech polymers and aluminum in its construction. It is rated for pressures of 650 psi and temperatures of up to 203F. Use with higher pressure or temperature voids the warranty and increases the chance of bursting.

A) Although the thermal conductivity of YogaPipe is much lower than copper, it will still “sweat” under certain conditions. YogaPipe must be insulated as per local and industry code. For convenience, we offer pre-insulated pipe as an option.

A) Yes, brazing the copper fittings to the coil and condensing unit is required prior to crimping the pipe to the fittings. But consider this, fittings can be brazed onto the equipment offsite, prior to installation. This can help avoid brazing in difficult conditions, hot work permits and fire watches.

A) While the YogaPipe press tongs are proprietary to our system, there are many options for the “driving” units for the heads. We offer a cost effective manual handle set, and the heads are compatible with many electric press tools from REMS and others.

A) Installation of YogaPipe requires a blade style, pipe cutter, size specific pipe reamers and crimping tongs.

A) Composite pipe for refrigeration applications has been available for almost 10 years. YogaPipe has been available in North America since early 2017 and has it’s ICC-ES PMG-1409 and ASTM F3346 listing. It is compliant with international residential and mechanical codes.

A) Yes. YogaPipe has a 50 year life expectancy and a 1 year limited warranty.