Quick and Easy to Install

Longer lengths, resulting in an easier and faster installation than copper pipe. Labor costs are cut and usually there is no need for elbows or couplings. Pre-braze the fittings to equipment anywhere, anytime. With only a crimp operation left to do on-site, you can eliminate the need for hot work permits.


Fewer Joints

Up to 200 feet of joint-free line set connection capability. Less brazing means a faster install, lower material costs and a cleaner system.


Ultimate Flexibility

Make adjustments to bends without damaging the pipe. It can be pulled through walls, ceilings and bulkheads in one continuous length, perfect for those difficult installation applications.


Doesn't kink or harden like copper

Reduces kinks during installation. Eliminates dented, damaged and oxidized inventory. Say goodbye to fragile copper and say hello to durability.


Less waste

Completely customizable. You determine the length required.