Our History

YogaPipe Inc was founded in 2016, a market innovator with the ICC approved HVAC/R copper line set substitute in the US (ICC 1309 supported by ASTM 1282) establishing an innovative and market leadership position bringing Pert-Al-Pert Refrigerant Piping to the HVACR Industry.

It operates its offices in Boston, MA, with administrative support in Toronto, warehousing, operations and logistics takes place in Baltimore, MD. occupying a 120,000 square feet facility.

Over the years YogaPipe Inc. evolved, bringing its insulating operations to the US while providing the most stable and reliable piping products available today. This evolution has not been without trial and tribulation. In 2018, critically working with its German pipe manufacturer, "Gen 1 pipe", the company sought a new supplier with technologically superior manufacturer which resulted in todays “butt welded”, "Gen 2" piping, and a more rigorous ICC PMG -1409 standard as supported by ASTM 3346-19. With our “Gen 2” pipe we have been very successful in our sales and have thousands of successful installations, we continue to pioneer this innovative piping solution in the US.


Privacy Policy

YogaPipe is committed to protecting your privacy and personal data